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- in which our plaintiff strives to make some magic image box trickery, in order to insinuate himself into Dame Marjory's will. Constable Blackthorpe, however, has suspicions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

mad·ness ( P ) n.
1. The quality or condition of being insane.
2. Great folly: "It was sheer madness to attempt the drive during a blizzard."
3. Fury; rage.
4. Enthusiasm; excitement.

Anxiety, a constant and low frequency form of stress, can be a wretched garden path leading up to the front door at the house of madness.

Why do we often ignore our fellows when they are on this path?

Occasionally we are complicit in that final push over the edge.

This is what happened to Anna.


Blogger Smoky said...

Day one of production.... and the plot is already lost....

4:03 PM  

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