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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Techno Techno Techno

There are many routes towards doing stop-frame animation, but a clear division is between using a computer or non computer route.

I won't labour this post as technical talk sent Rich running for the hills yesterday, but I'm a full blown computer exponent.

For THE WALLPAPER I'll be using:
A Canon G3 Powershot
A Nikon D70s
A Spy Camera
A PC equipped with
Stop Mo Pro
And a bunch of other stuff

This turns it all into a bit of a solitary practice, which like Tim says takes forever. This method of film making isn't for most humans, just ones who clearly detest human contact or sunlight.

So, time to get down to it all. From tomorrow I'll be leaving a "what I did on my film today" update at the bottom of each of my posts, so the world can witness my battle against all-consuming Suffolk strength inertia.

A shipment of aluminium wire arrived today.

Time for a cuppa.


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