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- in which our plaintiff strives to make some magic image box trickery, in order to insinuate himself into Dame Marjory's will. Constable Blackthorpe, however, has suspicions.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

..he took one last look and then departed

Clearly this blog is a bit bewildering of late, and it's not nice to be bewildered, just ask Prince Charles.

Current status of things is that I'm looking to move in the next couple of months. You may well know (or not know) that an animation set needs to be more tightly controlled than a London airport car park (one slightly opened curtain or nudge can look like a nuclear bomb or earthquake in the film) so this needs to be addressed before shooting starts.

One thing to mention is that the set crafter Julian Stodd had a bit of a knock recently on a boat in Tasmania (now there's a wealthy Brits injury) so get well soon Julian.

Love to all, please feel free to post replies still, I will look at and update this little journal a bit more regularly from now.

P x