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Friday, October 20, 2006

"Iron teeth, with nails brown and ridged."

I love Hellboy.

If anyone has reading this has yet to read a Hellboy graphic novel by Mike Mignola I'd urge you to buy the entire set in one go, and fall into it's pitch black spaces and deeply crafted world.

One of the characters I've come across whilst reading Hellboy is the Slavic witch, Baba Yaga.

From wikipedia:
In Russian tales, Baba Yaga is portrayed as a witch who flies through the air in a mortar, using the pestle as a rudder and sweeping away the tracks behind her with a broom made out of silver birch. She lives in a log cabin that moves around on a pair of dancing chicken legs.

The keyhole to her front door is a mouth filled with sharp teeth; the fence outside is made with human bones with skulls on top -- often with one pole lacking its skull, so there is space for the hero's. In another legend, the house does not reveal the door until it is told a magical phrase: "Turn your back to the forest, your front to me.

- incredible, that level of fantasy doesn't appear in modern tales.

I'd like to use her in something, but there'd be a slight concern that brown nails may brush my window one night.


Blogger Tim Clague said...

You're back then!

9:39 PM  
Blogger Paul Draper said...

Just like James Brown - get up offa that thing.

11:20 AM  

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