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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keeping it Unreal

Glenn Sadler, colleague, thespian and translucent all round sound egg came up with a good point the other day.

He's seen the sets and the description of the The Wallpaper and raised a concern that it may not make best use of the animation medium.

His thinking? It looked too real. Why use animation to tell this story if the set is going to be realistic, and the subject matter grounded in every day dramatic events.

He is of course right, and I was happy to reassure him that the tale takes a real left turn about mid way through when poor Anna starts hallucinating. At this point animation can come into it's own, as I'll be able to depict what she is experiencing and seeing in a "trip sequence" or three.

Glenn's case study for reference was Aardman. Famed for their Creature Comforts style interviews, Nick Park said thing really started taking off when he stopped making clay people to use as visuals for the interviews and turned the characters into lions or penguins.

Keep it unreal, why not? You can animate anything!

What I did on my Film Today: Production to resume tomorrow - some time at last!


Blogger Tim Clague said...

I say - stick to your vision. You could have filmed it live action, but then it wouldn't have the creepy stop motion effect. Maybe the reason to pick animation as the format for this story is because it matches the mood, a slighty odd looking version of reality.

Pah, Glenn, what does he know? He didn't even blog his opinions!

12:52 AM  
Blogger Rich S said...

Glenn has been spending a lot of time with Ady recently and his comment sounds very much like an opinion that Ady has expressed before - not that Glenn would ever take other peoples ideas and opinions and express them as his own, no, not at all, no way, how could you suggest such a thing?

I agree with Tim, a a lot of people say that animation shouldn't be used when you can use actors and sets, but then, if that was the case then you'd never get things like The Incredibles, and that would be tragic.

There is also the argument that some people (and maybe you are one) are able to put their idea accross far better in a medium that they are more comfortable with, and if animation is the best way for you then that's all you need irrespective of Anna's trip sequence or Anna's trip to the greengrocers.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Glenn said...

It was Ady's suggestion. I take no credit for it.

5:23 PM  

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