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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Points of View

As previously mentioned, "The Wallpaper" is an adaptation of a short story written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1899, called "The Yellow Wallpaper".

It isn't very long, and can be read online here.

It's the story of a nervous woman who is gradually driven mad by the cossetting and misplaced care of her physician husband, who treats her like a child, and isolates her in an old country house.

The story is written in the first person, using the point of view of the woman herself. A poet, she sits down each day and writes her thoughts onto "dead paper".

Initially I was going to shoot the animation using the same narrative, ie from the point of view of the woman, and wrote a shooting script to this end.

However I started to think about the husband and how he would feel, when in trying to do his best for his wife, ultimately dooms her. So my next step will be to write from his point of view, and then compare the two.

An interesting exercise and I hope to be able to design a better film for it.

What I did on the film today:Not a lot, too much day job work. Curse these bills.


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