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Monday, November 28, 2005

"There was a girl - under the kitchen sink."

A Tale of Two Sisters by Ji Woon-Kim was without doubt my favourite preternatural existentialist sibling meta-reality hallucinocentric Korean film of 2003.

No, I'd go further and say it is right up there in my top films of all time. I've already banged on about this film to Julian (who as mentioned has built my sets) and most other people have heard me praise this film.

Some may say that not a lot goes on in this film, but for me that's the point in a way. The beautiful and meticulous heavy-coloured gothic house in which the film is set starts to bear down on the inhabitants over time, as atmosphere sweats out of every frame.

I love this film, and it has influenced what I'm trying to do next in quite a big way. I saw another Woon-Kim film last week called The Quiet Family. Now there's a mental film.

Tale of Two Sisters - I'd urge you to see it, then ask yourself what you just saw, then see it again.

Perhaps sleep in between.

What I did on my film over the weekend: More writing, some pondering over a new set, test shots.


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